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Gina Amir has established her reputation as a unique jewelry designer.
Gina has a gifted eye for diamonds, precious stones and fine jewelry. Gina
entered the world of diamonds and jewelry at the young age of 14 in
Europe and received her first gemology license at age 19. As a young
gemologist she was always fascinated with colorful gems diamonds and all
treasures of the sea. That passion led her to owning a successful
jewelry store in Germany before relocating to the United States to
expand her business and desire for the world of jewels.

Her designs all start out on a blank piece of paper before being handcrafted
into bold elegance. Known for her perfect balancing of colors, metals
and stones,
she continuously makes her pieces dazzle like no other. Always leaving everyone in awe over her timeless creations with her
well-rounded fashion taste, Gina has a strict demeanor of only stocking
high quality merchandise.

Gina’s greatest joy is to make every woman feel like the elegant, valuable treasure they are.